Association of Faculty and Friends at Milton S. Hershey Medical Center

Grant Application

2017 grants have been awarded. The committee would like to thank you for taking the time to submit a grant application and we hope you will consider applying for AFF grant funding next year


2017 Allocation Progress Report Form

2017 Allocation Final Report Form 

2018 Grant Request Application

Current and Past Grant Allocations

2015 Allocations

2014 Allocations

2013 Allocations

2012 Allocations

2016 Allocations

Surgery— Radiologic.tests.(CT.Scans.&.MRIs)f or.gastric bypass patients with central abdominal pain
Marketing and.Communications—Nittany Lion beanie hat giveaways to pediatric patients
Medicine—Educational materials for asthma patients purchase of peak flow meters, inhaler spacers and
pediatric toys for teaching.
Radiation Oncology—Rhino video scope for ENT cancer patients

Humanities— Center Stage Pick a Pic Picture

Pharmacy—Assistance with prescription medications for cancer patients

Volunteer Services— Flower Arrangements for Patients
Humanities— Food as medicine for low income children
Pastoral Services— Care Notes for patients and families
Medicine/Pallative Care— Celebration of Life butterfly release
University Fitness Center—Pilates for breast cancer patients and survivors program
Global Health Center—Patient services; medication and medical supplies
Patient and Family Centered Care Advisory Council—Hip chairs in Cancer Center ; surgical waiting room and main lobby.

Pediatrics—Medical billing software for low socioeconomic children
Psychiartry—Therapeutic materials for pediatric patients with medical and emotional health diagnosis
Office of Medical Education—HMC PULSE program/initiatives transportatio for underprivileged high school students school supplies
Hematology—Safety devices for hemophiliac patients.
General Surgery—Chest tube insertion training using Trauma Man
Dept of Family & Community Medicine—LionCare for uninsured and undeserved population of the greater Harrisburg region.

Ophthalmology—A -A new method for treating bacterial and fungal infection of the cornea
Obstetrics and Gynecology—Endometrial cancer study
Humanities—Initiatives for at Risk children in ”Prescription.Produce”; Purchase seeds and bedding plants for “Food as Medicine”
Pediatrics—Neuroblastoma research
Dept. of Pharmacy R Disease State Mgmt—Use of new anticoagulants and combined drug interactions
Graduate Student Affairs—Graduate student research forum


Psychiatry— Educational Materials for Children With Trauma
Office of Medical Education— Transportation for Students in PULSE Program
Global Health— Global Health Scholars Program

Pastoral Service— Peri-Natal Memorial Service
Life Lion— Critical Care new C-mac Blade for Videolaryngoscopy
Humanities— Center Stage Pick a Pic Picture Frames
Nursing— Patient Noise Abatement Machines
Marketing and Communications— Nittany Lion Beanie Hats
Outpatient Pharmacy— Prescription Funding for Medications
Family and Community Medicine— Support for Lion Care- Equipment/Medications
College of Medicine— PSUCOM Bone Marrow Match Drive
Nueral and Behavioral Sciences—Research-Gastic Bypass Surgery
Pharmacy—Assistance With Prescription Medications

Anesthesiology— Skin Conductance Monitor for Infants
Surgery—Surgical Microscope for Microsurgery
Microbiology and Immunology— Freezer for Reagents and Samples
Family and Community Medicine — Bio-impedence Analysis Machine
HVI and College of Medicine— CHD Study-Bar Agonist Infusion/Heart
Surgery— Research on Thrombogensis and Hemolysis

Transplant Surgery Live Donor Assistance Penn State School of Nursing Outreach Clinic Anesthesiology Pediatric intubation scope
Pastoral Services Perinatal bereavement services School of Nursing – Outreach Partnership Titmus vision screening machine Therapy Services Music therapy
Center Stage – Humanities Art therapy
LionCare Support for LionCare Clinic Psychiatry/PPI Recreational Therapy
Pediatrics Adolescent Med community garden Heart & Vascular Institute Scales for heart failure prevention Dept. of Orthopaedics & Rehabilitation Physical therapy iPads
Child Life Pediatric comfort kits Therapy Services Patient therapy services Department of Humanities Produce prescriptions Humanities Patient interview transcription
Palliative Care Palliative Care training

Global Health Department Medical student trip to Africa Pediatric Palliative Care Hummingbird program
PRO-­‐Wellness Center Wellness outreach College of Medicine CryoEM seminar
Global Health Center Medical student trip to Senegal Global Health Scholars Program Medical student trip to Peru Global Health Center Medical student trip to Panama
Pharmacology PULSE program – transportation

Microbiology and Immunology Piko thermal cycler Surgery (Urology) Cancer research
PSHMC Anticoagulation Analyze Abbott software upgrade Pediatrics Eating disorder study Ophthalmology Night vision goggles
College of Medicine BMI screening tool kit
Neurosurgery Nitric oxide study Medicine/Pulmonary Pulmonary fibrosis support group Medicine Dept. of Medicine Research Day

Clinical Services Pharmacy Department medication assistance Life Lion Critical Care Transport video laryngoscopy Cancer Institute wig prosthetics
Cancer Institute – In patient music therapy
Microbiology & Immunology camera system
Center Stage cart, posters, performers Surgery development of education tool Pastoral Services development of education tool
Adult Family Advisory Council hair dryers, sound machines, diversion activities
Othopaedics and Rehabilitation iPad, app, properties
Surgical Oncology salary for music therapist
LionCare patient supplies, education, research projects Surgery Organ Transplantation patient document translation to Spanish Childbirth Education baby scale
Therapy Services activity cart
Occupational Therapy activities for HVI patients with extended stays

Child Life facilitators for sibling group & other
Pediatric Palliative Care ELNEC pediatric course Humanities Farmers Market salaries Pharmacology supplies for PULSE
Global Health Center Ecuador trip and supplies

Public Health Sciences/ Center for Nutrition & Activity Promotion
Lois High Berstler
Community Health Library
health education supplies

DVD collection

Family and Community Medicine patient education, advertisement, transportation, space rental- San Pablo
Medicine (Global Health) vision screening, asthma, health fair, salary, patient education

Obstetrics and Gynecology twin pregnancy study
Obstetrics and Gynecology research study on menorrhagia
Obstetrics and Gynecology bio stat support for research study- obesity/pregnancy

Certified Wound, Ostomy, and Continence Nurses
research data extraction, presentation

College of Medicine research study in Peru- potable water system Orthopaedics research study in Peru- potable water system Ophthalmology E chart and retinoscope

Past Recipients

Guidelines for Preparing AFF Allocation Request Submit the completed request form with any necessary documentation to the AFF by May 15, 2017 ; late requests will not be considered.

The Allocation Committee determines funding to a maximum of $10,000 per request based upon the following criteria:

• Does the request support and promote medical education, research, or clinical care?

• Has this request been submitted in previous years?

• What additional funding sources have been or will be approached to satisfy the request?

• Funding requests for food, entertainment, hospitality supplies, travel, and lodging will not be considered.

• If the request is approved by the AFF, the allocated funds will be transferred to the appropriate fund number through the Office of University Development.

• The recipient is required to complete an AFF Progress Report by February 28 and Final Report by July 1 describing how the funds have been utilized. Failure to issue a status and final report will jeopardize future allocation availability.

• Allocation of the AFF funds is specific to each request and must be used for that purpose. If you are unable to use the funds in the manner requested, the funds must be returned to the AFF.

• If funds are allocated to you and you wish to redistribute the funds for a different purpose under the same proposal, a request must be submitted to the President of the Association of Faculty and Friends for approval.

• There may be a random review of the allocations throughout the year.